Flowers on your Wedding cake

Wedding cakes have been used at weddings for centuries. The moment the bride and groom cut the cake is a momentous occasion at any wedding you attend. Now however you can decorate your wedding cake with flowers.

You can scatter rose petals at its base, place coordinating blooms that match the brides bouquet on top of the wedding cake or use flowers based on the colour scheme of the wedding. Florists all over the world are coming up with new and exciting ideas that you can use on your wedding cake.

Just imagine an archway of curly will sheltering over a cake which is laden with vines and lavenders. It would brings imagines of the dazzling colours in Autumn. Think of the visual dream and fragrant atmosphere this would make. Or how about a multi-tiered cake placed on a tablecloth which in covered in open, blooming roses.

Another idea you can try is having a large glass tabletop elevated just a few inches on a series of smaller vases to create an area below the cake that you could fill with a plethora of florals, this will give the illusion the cake is magically floating throughout the whole reception.

So remember to think of a creative idea for your cake or maybe a colour for the flowers on the cake which can match your colour scheme. This would be a thing that you will be able to talk about for years with happy memories.