More Flowers for the Queen! One loves a big Bouquet

As the Queen continues with her Diamond Jubilee Celebrations, she continues to receive flowers from her loyal supporters.  At a recent visit to Burnley in Lancashire she received many bouquets of flowers to show support for her reign. At Westminster Abbey , the Queen along with Prince Charles made an appearance to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible.  Here she too received many bouquets of flowers. You would think that through the years she may have grown tired of receiving them, however she never fails to smile and appear over joyed at the flowers she receives. She clearly appears very thankful to the little girl who handed her this bouquet pictured below

At many of her appearances, though many bring flowers, due to security no one can present them with the. Usually someone will be selected prior to her visit to hand the queen a bouquet of flowers. The flowers will be prepared beforehand by and expert florist which will be made up especially for this event. The florist is informed in advance what the Queen will be wearing so that the colours do not take the attraction away from what the Queen will be wearing.