Flowers for the perfect birthday party

Fresh flowers make an excellent birthday gift. They also make wonderful decorations for various events, including birthday parties. When choosing the type of flowers for a birthday celebration, there are a number of things to consider.
Firstly, you will need to set your budget. Knowing how much you are able to spend will give you a good idea of the kinds of flowers and number of bouquets that you can afford. You will also need to consider how many tables you will be using and if you are serving plated meals or a buffet. This is because a buffet table will require additional décor whereas plated meals will eliminate this extra table space.


Secondly, you should consider whether or not the event has a specific theme. If you are hosting an island style party, then you will need tropical flower arrangements. If you are having a high tea, then something more traditional might be a better option.


After considering a potential theme, it’s time to think of colour schemes. Themes help determine colour schemes but, if you don’t have a particular theme, you are open to choose just about any colours you like. Think about the age of the birthday boy or girl. Younger guests of honour will most likely prefer bright and flashy designs. You might even like to include elements like coloured ostrich feathers, spray painted flowers, and other accessories.


For a more elegant affair, you might prefer pastel colours and larger, more decadent flower arrangements. When you use pastels like light pink or soft shades of purple and cream, these flowers might not steal the show. This is why you need to set the stage just right by using darker table cloths that will help make them really “pop”.


Remember to place an extra special bouquet on the table for the guest of honour and decorate the buffet table accordingly if this is the serving method you choose. The birthday cake can also be decorated with fresh flowers or even artificial flowers if you prefer. Your local florist should stock some wonderful realistic looking silk flowers if you want to go for the artificial option without sacrificing quality.