Flowers to ease that winter chill

The winter months might start off mild at first but they can become quite harsh. Being sick during this time of year is the absolute worst. Whether it’s something as simple as a common cold or a more serious infection or virus, being under the weather in winter usually means that we lock ourselves up in the comfort and warmth of our homes.


When you find out that a friend or loved one is feeling ill, you might be tempted to pay them a visit. That said, this might not be the best idea. If they are contagious, your good intentions could result in you catching whatever they have. If you have a particularly vulnerable immune system, it’s even more important that you avoid contact with your sick loved one. Even if you feel like you’re invincible, you should also consider the wishes of your sick friend. They might not be up for receiving visitors and would prefer to stay in bed and sleep pretty much all day.


Whatever the case, you will still want to show them that you care with a get well message. Sure, you could phone them to check in but you don’t want to disturb them while they are trying to get some rest. Instead, you can do some shopping online. Online florists have some wonderful get well soon flowers available for same day delivery and next day delivery. Depending on the flower arrangement, delivery address, and the time of day, you can get your floral gift delivered in a hurry.


Start by searching online for a florist that offers delivery to your area. When you visit their website, look for different categories. At a physical flower shop, the florist will usually assist you personally when selecting flowers. Online florists offer immediate assistance by separating different types of bouquets into different categories. This makes it that much easier to search for flowers based on the occasion.


Get well soon flowers should be the kind of blooms that inspire wellbeing and a positive attitude. Brightly coloured blooms have a way of brightening up the recipient’s disposition and, positive thoughts are known to help boost the immune system. Colours like yellow, bright pink, and orange are all great examples of mood boosters. If you know that the recipient is not a fan of colourful décor, then you could send flowers with more of a calming effect. A plain, yet elegant, white bouquet with a hint of green foliage is just what you need for this kind of recipient!


Once you have selected your flowers, you can have the florist deliver them directly to the recipient. You can even include something like a colourful balloon or cute teddy bear to lift their spirits. Don’t forget to include a message and make sure that they know it’s from you. The recipient might want to call you to say thank you so make sure that you keep your phone nearby during the day of delivery.