Flowers for your Christmas cake

Many will agree that the best part of any meal is the sweet treat that comes at the end. Christmas dinner is certainly no exception and many families follow a tradition of making and decorating their own traditional Christmas cake. Christmas cake is known for its abundant flavour and variety of textures. In additon to the traditional recipe, many families also follow certain methods of decorating their Christmas cake to make it look as great as it tastes. If you are looking for the perfect way to decorate your cake, consider festive flowers! If you make several cakes, you can even hand them out to friends and family as a personal holiday gift.

If you are wondering what kinds of flowers you should use to decorate your Christmas cake, you’ll be pleased to know that there are a number of great options. Firstly, you will need to choose between fresh flowers, artificial flowers, and edible flowers. Fresh flowers are available from your local florist and you can store them for a couple of days before using them. Many people favour fresh flowers because they look the best. The only downside is that you will need to decorate your cake on the day, before your guests arrive. This is because your flowers will not last as long without water which means that they will wilt eventually. Another important point to remember is that fresh flowers you use should not be toxic. Holly and mistletoe are traditional Christmas decorations for cakes and even homes, however, they are toxic and this is why so many people choose artificial varieties instead. Poinsettias are also popular and traditionally associated with the festive season. While the plant itself is not poisonous but the sap is toxic and this is why snippets of this plant should be kept far from any food and beverages. Another important point to remember is that your flowers need to be thoroughly washed. Bugs and pesticides can affect the qualithy of your cake.

Artificial flowers are often the prime choice since they are safe and they last the longest of all. You don’t need to worry about them wilting and you can keep your cake at room temperature. Of course, if you are decorating your cake with artificial flowers and berries, you should still keep it away from children. Even artificial decorations can be a choking hazzard. When you cover your cake with beautiful white marzipan, you can be sure that your floral décor will stand out beautifully. You can even store your artificial flowers and use them for several years which is another advantage.

Finally, another great option is edible flowers. Sometimes they are made from gum paste, sometimes they are made from frosting and even marzipan. Not only do they add colour and style, but they are also fun treats that everyone will be able to eat. If you are expecting several children, you might want to make a few extra flowers to make sure that all of your young guests get a taste. Like artificial flowers, edible flowers can also be used to decorate your cake in advance. You can make them yourself if you like or you can buy them from your favourite store.

No matter how you choose to decorate your Christmas cake, make sure that you plan the décor in advance. This way you can buy your flowers or make them in advance and you won’t need to rush the process.