Flowers of the Autumn Months

Autumn is upon us and the glorious summer months are over. The days are getting shorter and the cold nights longer. In the garden the flowers of summer are beginning to die to make way for the cold, hard frost and ice which will take over our gardens in the coming months.

The flowers are losing their colour, the vegetable plants are ready to be harvested and the trees and shrubs are preparing to settle down for a long winter’s nap. Even though the garden is shutting down for the winter this is potentially the most important time and most hard working time of the year for most gardeners.

Even though the year is coming to an end you need to look to next summer and what you plant in the autumn is key to how your garden will look the following year. Your grass needs to be cleaned, cut and fed in the proper way to make sure it reappears as a luscious green lawn the following spring.

The gorgeous rose bushes need collars fitted to prevent them dying in the cold winter. Young trees need to be wrapped to prevent winter sun scald. Old and weak wood needs to be removed from shrubs to stop winter breakage. These little things might not seem important but they will ensure your garden will be a healthy garden come spring.

Another activity that needs to be done in autumn is planting the bulbs that will breakout the next spring. Tulips, crocus, daffodils, iris and hyacinth need to be planted now to ensure they are colourful and abundant after the long winter slumber. Plant the flowers in groups, water them thoroughly and add some pansies over the top of them and next spring will be amazed.

Use your garden gloves when planting the flower bulbs and amend the soil with some potting mix. When the bulb area is dry, water it if no snow or moisture is available.