Flowers for your autumn anniversary

Whether it’s your first or your twenty-first year together, anniversaries are always an important occasion. It’s customary for couples to treat one another to various gifts on this day. Fresh flowers are easily the most popular of all romantic gifts along with chocolates, champagne, and even a private dinner.

When looking for the perfect flowers for an autumn anniversary, you will be happy to know that your options are plentiful! The first option is not necessarily seasonal but they are the most romantic of all. Red rose will certainly send the message of love. The number of roses you send will further influence the message you send.

Another option, if you want to keep it seasonal, is a bunch of bright orange, yellow, and pink blooms. Look for daisy-like flowers such as gerberas and germinis. Chrysanthemums are also an excellent addition as are carnations. Both of these flowers add amazing texture to any bouquet and they are available in some amazing colours too.

If you want something particularly bright, you could opt for a mixed bouquet of gerberas or a bunch of sunflowers. The open arrangement of the petals always make these bouquets considerably impressive. Most significant wedding anniversaries are also associated with a colour. There are not colours for every year but in these cases you can get creative. Check the list below to help you choose the most appropriate bouquet to send to your spouse.

1st Anniversary – Yellow or Gold

2nd Anniversary – Red

3rd Anniversary – White or Jade Green

4th Anniversary – Blue or Green

5th Anniversary – Blue, Pink, or Turqoise

6th Anniversary – White

7th Anniversary – Yellow or Off-white

8th Anniversary – Bronze

9th Anniversary – Terracotta

10th Anniversary – Silver or Blue

11th Anniversary – Turquoise

12th Anniversary – Oyster White

13th Anniversary – White

14th Anniversary – Ivory

15th Anniversary – Ruby Red

16th Anniversary – Silver

17th Anniversary – Yellow

18th Anniversary – Blue

19th Anniversary – Bronze

20th Anniversary – Emerald Green or White

21st Anniversary – Orange

22nd Anniversary – Green

23rd Anniversary – Silver

24th Anniversary – Lavender

25th Anniversary – Silver

28th Anniversary – Orchid or Lavender

30th Anniversary – Green

35th Anniversary – Coral

40th Anniversary – Ruby Red

45th Anniversary – Sapphire Red

50th Anniversary – Gold

55th Anniversary – Emerald Green

60th Anniversary – Diamond White

65th Anniversary – Sky Blue

70th Anniversary – Platinum

75th Anniversary – Diamond White

If you cannot find flowers in the colour you require, you can always get creative. For example, you might not be able to find silver flowers but you can spray paint flowers silver and add them to your bouquet. This is particularly lovely for your 10th wedding anniversary where the colours are silver and blue. Have your florist put together a selection of blue and silver flowers with a few accents and accessories here and there. Silver painted sticks and beads are great options for arrangements that need extra sparkle.