Flowers and astrology

There’s a lot more to fresh flowers than their unrivalled beauty and invigorating perfume. Each flower has its very own meaning and flowers are also associated to various astrological signs. If you want to present somebody with a fresh flower delivery for their birthday, perhaps you should take the time to consider their star sign.


The sign of Aries is associated with confidence and strength. The best flowers are those in colours that represent passion. Perhaps a bouquet of red tulips to celebrate the birth of an Aries? If you cannot get tulips, you can choose other flowers of similar colour.


For a Taurus, you should focus on celebrating their headstrong nature as well as their warm-hearted nature. Anyone born under this sign is known to show a particular appreciation for nature’s beauty. There are no flowers more fitting than pure, white lilies to honour a Taurus.


Geminis are known for their adaptability and versatility as well as their vivid imagination. For such a recipient, roses make the most fitting gift. You can choose the colour you prefer based on your relationship with the recipient.


Cancers are considered to be the most emotional of all. Delphinium flowers are known for appealing to the open heart of the Cancer and they can be sent on their own or added to a mixed bouquet.


For all the Leos out there, the bouquet of choice is one of similar boldness and extroverted nature as the recipient themself. A bunch of sunflowers will be perfect since they display this same degree of confidence and they can stand out in any room.


Virgos are often quite modest and even shy yet they seem to have a unique understanding of those around them. The perfect arrangement would be a simple yet beautiful one made up of daisy-like flowers (like asters) in various colours. Consider combining yellow and white flowers in this bouquet.


Libras are known to represent balance as well as harmony. The best flower to send to a Libra is the hydrangea. They are the perfect representation of opposites all in a single stem. Both hard and soft aspects work well to compliment one another.


Scorpio is often referred to as the most intense of all the signs. They are passionate and powerful. When they set their minds on something, they don’t let go until they achieve the desired result. Peonies have a way of conveying both romance and power all in a single flower – which is exactly what a Scorpio craves.


Sagittarius represents the combination of physical strength and strong intellect. For such a recipient, you should look no further than the carnation. You can use various colours as per the preferences of the recipient.


As for the responsible and dependable Capricorn, the most fitting flower in fact a potted plant. The African Violet is the plant of choice since it is one of the easiest to care for and offers some of the most amazing floral displays.


Aquarius is well-known as a water sign and they are known for their honesty, loyalty, and intuition. These pure qualities are the reason for orchids being the top choice. Pink orchids in particular emphasize romance and affection.


Pisces are known for their gentle nature and patience. They are most compassionate and they prefer more modest flower arrangements. Be sure to include some alstroemeria to make the bouquet special yet subtle.