Flower arranging tips in vases

When you receive a bouquet or several bouquets, arranging them in vases can prove tricky. This is because many people don’t know how to choose the right vase for different types of bouquets. Here are some great flower arranging tips to make sure that they look great in their vase.

Vase selection

The first thing you need to do is make sure that you choose the right vase for your flowers. The vase you choose will depend on the types of blooms as well as the length of their stems. The longer the stems, the taller your vase needs to be. The larger the flower heads, the wider the rim of the vase should be. This will ensure easy flower arranging.

Check each stem

When arranging fresh flowers, you need to check each stem individually. Make sure that they are not damaged and remove any lower leaves. Trim the stems before you place them in the vase. This is an important part of flower arranging since it will help your stems last longer.

Start with focal flowers

When arranging your blooms, make sure that you begin with your focal flowers. These are the blooms that will take most of the attention. They should be placed in the middle of the vase when flower arranging. This will ensure that they grab your attention right away. They can then be surrounded by mass flowers, filler flowers and foliage.

Shorter stems

Your focal flowers will be in the middle and they will be taller. This means that the stems that surround them will be slightly shorter to create a rounded appearance. This is a simple way of flower arranging like a pro without getting too technical.

No matter the type of bouquet you are creating or the types of flowers you choose, you should make sure that you provide these stems with regular care. This includes changing the vase water every couple of days and trimming the stems as soon as you notice bacterial growth around the bottom. If you see that one or more of your flowers have started to perish, remove it right away so that it does not cause the rest of the blooms to wilt prematurely. Keep these flower arranging and care tips in mind for the most beautiful bouquets.