Flowering plants that love sun

Different plants have different needs. Some prefer sandy soil and others thrive in clay. Some enjoy direct sunlight while others like the shade. This is why it’s so important to create a map of your garden and figure out which parts enjoy morning sun, midday sun, afternoon sun, and full shade. This will help you choose the right plants for each area. If you are looking for flowering plants that enjoy the sun, you have several amazing options that will keep your garden looking great.

Petunias are known for their soft petals and their many colours. They are excellent as potted plants and for decorating your window boxes. They can even be used to create a border around a certain area of your garden. These flowering plants enjoy a good amount of sun but they might take some practice to grow. Make sure that you consult a nursery professional for advice regarding fertiliser and watering schedules for these plants.

As cut flowers, carnations are known to last extremely long. This can also be said for the plants themselves. They love full sun and they are extremely hardy. Even if the plant is not tended to on a regular basis, it will still continue to grow and produce blooms. You might need to trim it back from time to time but this is a great addition to your garden since you can use the flowers in your home too.

Chrysanthemums, like carnations, are also a hardy bunch and they have a wonderful way of brightening up any area of your garden. They are available in various colours and these blooms have an amazing texture too. There are several amazing varieties and they also vary in size. Make sure that you find out exactly what type of chrysanthemums you want before you buy them.

If you have a larger area of your garden that could use some bright colour, why not plant some sunflowers? Make sure that this area receives full sun all day long. They are not called sunflowers for nothing!

Geraniums and dahlias are also great options and you can select a variety of colours to ensure that your garden looks as bright and full of life as possible. These bright blooms also have a way of attracting insects which, in term, attract other forms of life. So, simply by planting the right flowers, you can fill your garden with abundant life!