Flower vase options for romantic bouquets

When sending a romantic bouquet, you want to make sure that you pair it with the right flower vase. If the vase doesn’t look as beautiful as it should, it will cast a negative shadow on the arrangement itself. Here are some lovely creative ways of sprucing up your vases and making them work for any romantic occasion.

Cover with paper

If you have an old vase and you don’t want it to go to waste or even if you have glass jar, you can turn it into a gorgeous flower vase by covering with wrapping paper. Consider the occasion and choose a wrapping paper design that works. Make sure that you also keep in mind the colours of the flowers you plan on setting in the vase.

Decorate with fabric

Similar to the wrapping paper option, you can also decorate a flower vase using fabric of your choice. You might not have the same kinds of designs but the result will certainly prove more elegant. You don’t even need to buy fabric, you can simply go searching for off cuts!

Decoupage designs

This flower vase décor option will take a bit more time but it is most certainly worth it. You can use the popular decoupage technique to glue pressed flowers to your vase. Once they are stuck in place, you need to apply a clear layer over the top and this will ensure that every pretty petal stays pressed in place for a very long time. Even when there are no flowers in this vase, it can still be enjoyed as a decorative piece in the home.

Some sparkle

If the lucky recipient of your romantic bouquet loves things that sparkle and shine, you are in luck because this is another fun option. Simply select beads and gems and attach them to a clear glass vase. You can do so using clear fishing line, glue or even wire. Hot glue works particularly well and offers plenty of design freedom.

No matter which of these fun flower vase decorating methods you choose, you can be sure that your loved one will appreciate your efforts. Even when you buy fresh flowers, by personalising the vase, you are showing them that you care enough to take time out of your busy day just for them!