Flower superstitions and traditions

All around the world, different cultures have different traditions and superstitions. These are usually due to a significant event or events that led previous generations to believe in certain signs. Apart from a black cat crossing your path and walking under a ladder, there are also a number of interesting flower superstitions. Here are a few examples.


The Aztecs used marigolds as an aphrodisiac which is why it was a popular addition to their wedding décor. Other superstitions regarding this bloom included the belief that they protected you against the powers of witchcraft.


Flower superstitions related to orchids are linked with fertility. It is believed that if the woman eats the tuber of this flower, the couple will have a girl. If the man eats the tuber, they will have a boy. Of course, there is no scientific evidence to back this up but, in some cultures, couples still follow this practice.


During Roman times, it was common practice for roses to be planted at grave sites. This is because it was believed that they protected the dead against evil. Other flower superstitions related to roses is that, when you hold them and they lose their petals, your end is near.


This is one of the most interesting flower superstitions of all! What you need to do is pick a dandelion that has gone to seed and blow the seeds into the wind. When you are done, count the number of seed that have remained behind. This is the number of children you will have.

Number of stems

In some cultures, flower superstitions do not only pertain to the types of flowers but the number of stems too. For example, an even number of stems, in some countries, is only used for funerals or at grave sites. If you want to send flowers for any other occasion, make sure there are an uneven number of blooms.


Poppies were planted many years ago to encourage a good corn crop. When these flowers are worn, they are believed to help you forget your troubles. So, if you have something that is weighing heavily on your mind or heart, try wearing some poppies (perhaps in your hair) and let them help set you at ease.

Artificial flowers

Stage performers consider it good luck when somebody says ‘break a leg’. It is also considered good luck when you use artificial flowers as props rather than fresh ones. Play organisers have taken this superstition seriously for many years. In addition, silk blooms can be used over and over again so it also makes life easier for everyone.

These are just a few of the most popular and fascinating flower superstitions. The next time you plan on sending flowers, keep these traditions and superstitions in mind so that you do not accidentally offend anyone.