Uses for gladiolas in various arrangements

Gladiolas are known for their grand appearance in terms of height and colours. They have clusters of flowers along a tall stem and, what’s more is that these flowers are available in some of the most beautiful colours in the floristry industry. These flowers can also be used in many different ways for various occasions.

Firstly, you can choose to display gladiolas all on their own. A bunch of gladiolas looks especially spectacular in an understated vase. You can use a single colour or you can mix it up with several colours.

Another option is to add a few gladiolas to a mixed bouquet. Choose the right colour based on the colour scheme of the bouquet and the other flowers. Gladiolas will need to be placed at the back or in the centre of the arrangement – depending on the style of the bouquet. If you are creating a vertical or triangular-shaped bouquet, you will need to place your tallest gladiolas at the back central point of the bouquet and add gladiolas with gradually shorter stems to the left and right. Your other flowers will form a cascading effect towards the front of the bouquet. As for a regular vertical bouquet, you can place the tallest of your gladiolas in the middle of the bouquet with some slightly shorter ones around them. Add other flowers around these gladiolas with some gladiolas in between for good measure and consistency.

If you’re looking for a way of getting even more creative with these flowers, you can place them in a tall, cylindrical vase. Now, instead of letting the stem rest in the vase and the flowers high above, you will cut the stems down and place the flowers inside the clear glass vase tube itself! Add just a touch of water to the vase and allow the tips of the flower stems to protrude the rim.