Flower show attendance given a boost

A big flower show is Shropshire has been given a boost with its attendance because of the recent weather.

Brian Goodwin, an organiser of the Shrewsbury Flower Show, said many other flowers shows around the country unfortunately had to be postponed or cancelled because of the awful weather we had at the start of the summer. He continued to say that the recent bad weather meant the competitors in the show faced “greater challenges” to get their flowers ready in time.

The Shrewsbury Flower Show is this year celebrating its 125th anniversary. Mr Goodwin, who is also the chairman of the Shropshire Horticultural Society, said the show, which on average costs £850,000 a year to stage, is a big boost to the local economy in Shropshire.

One exhibitor in the flower show, Jill Rock from Dingle Nurseries, said the wet start to the summer months had already made a big negative impact in her business. She said she doesn’t think many people have been out in their gardens for a few months because of the awful weather which had gripped the United Kingdom.

Mr Goodwin said that a successful show this year meant benefits to the local economy would rise. He said that last year the show was able to give £150,000 to a local church for restoration work and they support other village shows and horticultural shows which wouldn’t be able to survive without the help of the Shrewsbury Flower Show.