Flower shopping from the best florist

When buying flowers, you want to get the most bang for your buck. Whether you are planning a wedding, funeral, baby shower, birthday or any other occasion, you should never pay more than your budget allows. So, when flower shopping, here are some tips to help you avoid overpaying:


Seasonal blooms

Regardless of the occasion, do yourself a favour and do an online flower search. Find out which flowers are in season at the time of the event. Seasonal blooms are usually the most appropriate, affordable, and last the longest, as they’re comfortable with current weather conditions. They are arranged in a special section online which makes online flower shopping that much easier.


Sufficient research

Another great idea is to go to the nearby farmer’s market before flower shopping. Chat with local growers and get free expert advice. We recommend that you bring a pen and paper to take notes! Talk to more than one expert so you get as much information as possible. When looking for the right florist, don’t just choose the first one you find. Compare prices and get quotes from three or four different florists. Consider extras such as delivery of flowers, vases and any other special additions that may be of interest to you.


Know what you want

When flower shopping it’s important to know what you want, but not necessarily reveal this as soon as you walk through the door. Talk to your florist first and ask about their best styles, their average budget, and their satisfaction policies. It’s important to have a budget in mind, but you don’t need to tell the florist in advance. They may offer you an even better rate if they don’t know how much you can spend. You should also check out her portfolio and ask to see royal wedding photos that have used her flowers. Again, you have a few options in terms of flower selection, and don’t let the florist force you to choose an option you’re not happy with. Your florist should understand your needs and do everything possible to make your wishes come true. Sometimes a florist may try to sell a particular flower and assure you that it’s available year round. What they don’t mention is that the price is significantly higher when it’s out of season!


Realistic budget

There are some times that you can haggle with your florist and there are times that haggling for a better price won’t necessarily work. Prices are usually set in stone and catering for such an important occasion as a wedding puts pressure on a florist which is why the prices are higher. Flower shopping on a budget is possible but you should let your florist know upfront how much you can afford to spend and allow some room to stretch your budget if necessary. To save more money, you could ask your florist to bring your accessories such as vases, containers, ribbons, etc. This will really help keep costs down when providing your own extras.

With these tips in mind, you will find it easier to do your flower shopping without any unnecessary stress. Better yet, if you want to browse before you buy, you should check out online flowers since you will get an idea of prices, availability and you won’t need to deal with a sales person right away.