Flower are a fantastic ingredient, and can be exceptionally delicious

Flowers are a great decoration to have on a plate accompanying your food. But did you know that you can add flowers to be part of your meal.

In this article I am going to give you a run through of some little tips you can use in your cooking that will leave your friends astounded at your creative skills.

Bean blossoms have a sweat flavour. Nasturtiums have a peppery taste and they can be pickled to represent a more expensive caper. Borage has a taste of a cucumber.

Violets, roses and lavender tend to give off a sweet taste sensation which can be use to flavour salads or desserts. When in doubt over a flower just have a little taste but make sure its not poisonous or that you have an allergy.

Edible flower tips:

Edible flowers can be used to garnish most plates of food but be sure that the taste the flower gives off matches the food you have on the table.

  • Place a gladiolus or hibiscus in a clear glass bowl and fill with you favourite dip.

  • Place some types of edible flowers in your green salads to add colour and taste.

  • Freeze small flowers into ice rings and add to beverages.

  • Crystallised flowers can be used to decorate cakes and fine sweets.

  • Asthmatics may suffer an allergic reaction from composite-type flowers and you need to be on alert and ask you guests whether they have asthma.

  • Never use flowers that are non edible. If you place flowers on your plate then your guests will assume they are edible.

  • Use the flower sparingly especially if your not used to them. Too many can lead to digestive problems.

  • If you have many allergies then use flowers in small amounts to allow your body to adjust to the new flavours.

  • Some leaves on flowers are also edible and can be used in some recipes but make sure your 100% certain before you use the leaves.