Floral foam facts you need to know

When you want to send flowers or even buy a bunch for yourself, you will notice just how many options there are. From different flowers and colours to the way the bouquets are presented. Vases and handheld bouquets are popular as well as those perfectly arranged in floral foam. Floral foam is also referred to as oasis foam and it is a staple among florists.

The main advantage of floral foam is that it holds each stem perfectly in place and it makes flower arranging that much easier – especially for beginners. As you pierce the foam, the stem will rest snuggly inside so that you can move on to the next stem. Another advantage is that your floral foam never needs to be cut to the exact size and shape of the container. If you are using a tray or another type of holder, you simply need to cut a square or cylinder that is more or less the right shape and size. If you need to stabilize it, you can add smaller pieces around the edge to keep it from moving around. If need be, you can use floral wire to secure the smaller pieces to the main one. If you cut your foam slightly higher than the rim of the container, you can also make your display more impressive by adding flowers and foliage around the rim. As you insert more flowers and greenery, you will conceal the foam and it won’t take much to achieve perfection.

It’s also important to note that there are several types of floral foam and your florist will usually be able to help you decide between the various types. No matter what type you end up choosing, you always need to soak your foam in water before use. Your floral foam is not only there to support your flowers but also provide them with water and nutrients. Therefore, you might want to dissolve some flower food in the water before soaking the foam. Monitor your floam every day to make sure that it’s still moist. As soon as you notice it starting to dry out, top it up with some more water.

When trimming the stems of your flowers, you need to make sure that you cut them at an angle. Not only does this make it easier for the flower to absorb water, but it also makes each stem easier to insert. Do note that some flowers are not particularly suitable for floral foam displays. Flowers like daffodils, tulips, and irises might be difficult to insert into the stiff foam and they need more support (like that offered by vases) in order to prevent premature wilting and drooping. Roses, carnations, flowers that are part of the daisy family, and any bloom with a strong stem will work beautifully.