Flower facts about Valentine’s Day blooms

Fresh blooms are the most popular gift for Valentine’s Day. They are a romantic gesture and they can be paired with other gifts or they can stand alone as a declaration of love. When shopping this year, it’s a good idea to keep these flower facts in mind.

Not just for women

One of the most common myths mistaken for flower facts is that it’s up to men to pamper women on this day. This is not entirely true. Yes, men can certainly spoil their lovely lady. But women can also spoil men. Flowers are not just for women either. Many men enjoy romantic bouquets. If you are not sure about sending a pretty arrangement, you could opt for a potted plant instead.

Busy time of year

Another one of the most important flower facts to remember is that this is one of the busiest days for florists around the world. Many people will be on the hunt for a special floral gift and, while you might not see queues online, this does not mean that there aren’t dozens of other shoppers. Apart from stocks possibly running out, it’s also important to get your order in early so that you can reserve the best date for delivery. In some cases, florists may offer weekend deliveries while others do not. Take note of the terms and conditions on their website before placing your order.

Top choice

Red roses are the number one choice for Valentine’s Day and this is one of the most well-known flower facts associated with this occasion. Of course, the fact that they are so popular can also mean that the prices can go up. Which is why many people choose alternative bouquets instead.

Budget blooms

If you are looking for blooms that will prove romantic without costing too much, you can shop for other red flowers like carnations or tulips. In some cases, mixed red bouquets can also prove perfectly romantic and affordable. Take a look around at flowers online to find which one suits you best.

Alternative flowers

Apart from roses and red blooms, you could also take a look around at pink flowers or even mixed flower arrangements. One of the lesser known flower facts is that the most romantic bouquet you can send is one that comes from the heart. In other words, if you send a bouquet of their favourite blooms, you can be sure that it will be the most amazing gesture.

Apart from keeping these flower facts in mind, it’s also a good idea to look out for deals when shopping. Some deals include a free vase or free chocolates. There are even some bundle offers that can pair a bouquet with a box of chocolates and a bright balloon. Compare all of your options before making your choice.