Summer orchid care tips

Orchids have a reputation for being difficult to grow. However, these exotic plants will thrive if their basic needs are met. These needs are generally the same but you will need to adjust your orchid care approach during the summer. Here are some essential tips to follow.


Orchids love light but not direct sunlight. Orchid care should always be based on their natural environment. So, keep in mind that they attach themselves to trees and, therefore, they do not grow in the heat of the direct sun. Keep your orchid in a window that does not receive direct sunlight or, place them behind a shade that allows light in but keeps the harsh rays out.


While orchids like heat and sunlight in the day, they do not like too much heat at night. That said, if you plan on turning your air conditioner on, you should make sure that your orchid is out of the way of its icy blast. The cold air will prove too much for the plant and it will perish before too long.


Another essential part of orchid care is ensuring that the plant enjoys enough humidity. After some summer rain, you should open your windows so that the plant can soak up all that moisture. They will love it! In addition, you can place a cup of water next to the plant or you can place the potted plant on top of a tray of pebbles and added water. As the water evaporates, it creates humidity around the plant.

The right pot

Plastic pots are an essential part of orchid care. The plastic does not absorb water like ceramic pots which means that they allow for more efficient water drainage. Orchids like a snug home but when they outgrow their pot, you will need to repot in a slightly larger plastic pot. If you find the plastic pot to be unattractive, you can always place the plastic pot inside a decorative pot.

These are a few of the most important orchid care tips to follow during the summer months. The stem parts of the plant will perish each season but, as your orchid continues to thrive, it will sprout new shoots that will then produce blooms year after year.