Flower colour varieties and how they affect us

Different colours have different effects on our emotions and our moods. While some are energizing, others help encourage calm. While we might not be conscious of the effect that they have on us, studies have proven that they do indeed have such an effect on us. So, when you order a bouquet, take note of the flower colour scheme you choose.


If you send a bouquet of pastel colours consisting of shades of yellow, pink, off-white, peach and soft greens, this bouquet is very comforting and soothing. While you are blending warm and cool colours, the softer flower colour in general makes this a lovely option for occasions like welcoming a new baby or encouraging somebody who is going through a rough time.


If you want to send a bouquet with a romantic theme, the best flower colour options include light pinks, purple and you can even add some blue here and there. This bouquet will be very calming and it is excellent for new relationships in particular.


Red is the flower colour associated with passion which is why you will see plenty of red bouquets on sale for Valentine’s Day. If you are in a long-term relationship or if you are married, you should certainly send some red blooms from time to time. They will let your partner know that you are still very much in love with them.

Cool colours

Cooler colours like green, blue and purple are excellent for helping create a calm environment. According to studies, the colour green helps with concentration which is excellent for students as well as for any workplace.

Bright shades

Bright, warm colours like yellow, orange and bright pink can be extremely invigorating. So, if you want a lively atmosphere, you should consider a bright bouquet of sunflowers, a mixed arrangement of gerbera daisies or even a mixed bouquet containing roses, carnations and various other fillers all in different warm colours. You can include a cool colour like dark purple or blue for some contrast too.

While you might like want to change the colour scheme of a particular room in your home or office too often, you can enjoy subtle changes by choosing the right flower colour based on your mood. If you are feeling the effect of those winter blues, place an order for a bright bouquet to lift your spirits and increase your energy levels.