Flower colour choices and tips

If you want to arrange a bouquet of flowers yourself but you’re not sure quite how to combine different colours, there are a few simple guidelines that will help you. Below you will find some design and flower colour scheme ideas to help you go from beginner to pro!

For beginners

If you have never really tried your hand at arranging flowers before, you might want to stick to a single flower colour. Now, you can stick to a single type of flower too or you can use several flowers in the same colour. By using several flowers, you will need to place those that have a darker shade in the middle and those with a lighter shade around the outside.

Colours side by side

If you are ready to add a flower colour to your single colour scheme, you will need a colour wheel. Select your main colour and then look to the left and right of this colour. You should pair your main colour with a secondary colour that is next to it on the colour wheel.

Opposites attract

Another way of combining two colours is by choosing two that are directly opposite one another on the colour wheel. The fact that these colours contrast one another so much is what makes them so beautiful .

The perfection of three

When you are comfortable with the flower colour combinations listed above, you should certainly push yourself to the next level by combining three colours. These colours need to be an equal distance from one another on the colour wheel. You can use more than one shade of a single colour but you should make sure that the main colours are evenly spaced on the colour wheel or it will not create a harmonious display.

No matter which flower colour combination you choose, the most important thing to remember is to have fun. Enjoy getting creative and use this time to relax your mind and body. Flowers are so therapeutic and creating the perfect display will give you such a sense of pride as well.