Flower choices to suit various themes

Themed events are quite popular. The theme of the event will determine a number of things including what your guests should wear, the type of food to serve, and even the kind of music you should play. Fresh flowers are excellent when decorating based on different themes. By using the right flowers and colours, you can create any theme you like!

Beach theme

Beach themed parties are suitable for various events including birthdays and even weddings. If you are hosting the party on the beach, you can allow your guests to leave their shoes behind and you can also have a more casual dress code. The flowers should be kept simple and modest to reflect the simple beauty of nature. Choose colours like white, off white, light brown and pastels.


A butterfly theme can be fun for many occasions and, since flowers and butterflies go together, this theme makes sense. Choose bright flowers like sunflowers or other daisy type flowers. Accompany your arrangements with butterfly picks and other butterfly themed accessories.


If you are hosting a Christmas event, colour will play a major role. The main colours for this time of year include red, green, white, silver, and gold. Gold usually complements red quite nicely whereas silver works well with blue. This is mostly due to the fact that red is a warm colour and gold has a warmer feel while blue is a cool colour and silver also has a cooler feel.


If you want to invite guests over for a casual, country themed lunch or dinner, you should opt for orange, red, and yellow floral décor. You can even use dried flowers or add dried plant materials to your fresh flower arrangements. Gerbera daisies, sunflowers, and similar flowers are excellent choices for this theme.


Tropical or Asian themes are also popular and you should opt for tropical flowers or flowers that at least look exotic. Some examples include heliconias, orchids, and anthuriums. They should be as bold and bright as possible to suit this theme. Your room should look like a tropical island and you can also use plenty of lush green foliage too.