Flower care for winter and what to avoid

When you receive a fresh bouquet, it is important that you take the necessary steps to keep your blooms as fresh as possible for as long as you can. By following the appropriate flower care steps, you will enjoy the bouquet for that much longer and enjoy greater value for money too. Here is the most important advice to keep in mind.

Care upon delivery

There is no more important moment than when your flowers are delivered. Now is the time to act and follow the right flower care steps. Place the bouquet in some fresh water right away. This way, you don’t have to worry about them becoming dehydrated while you prepare a vase. Wash the vase thoroughly and add clean water along with flower food. Remove the packaging from the bouquet and trim the stems at an angle. Remove any lower foliage too. Place your blooms in the vase and enjoy!

Avoiding heat

While most plants enjoy warm to moderate temperatures, you should remember that cut flowers should not be placed near any source of heat. In other words, you should not place your bouquet near fireplaces, heaters, radiators or other sources of heat. This simple flower care tip is essential if you want to prevent your blooms from drying out.

Stay out of the cold

Just like heat, cold temperatures can also negatively affect your blooms. If you place the vase near a window, make sure that the flowers do not touch the windows at all. Windows can become particularly cold in winter. If your flowers or foliage come into direct contact with such cold surfaces, it can cause them to perish. Therefore, flower care is not just about keeping blooms away from heat but cold too.

Regular care

Don’t forget another golden rule in flower care – regular attention. You should check on your blooms every day to make sure that none of the flowers have perished or started to deteriorate. Remove any dying plant material right away. Change the vase water every couple of days and make sure that the water level does not run too low during this time. Trim the stems regularly to keep bacterial growth at bay.

Failing to follow these basic flower care tips will result in your blooms perishing almost twice as fast as they should. In other words, these steps can help your blooms last almost twice as long as they would without any special care.