Flower arrangements and their evolution over time

The flower arrangements that we enjoy today are very different from those that were popular about a century ago. Back then, flowers were simply bundled together and placed in a vase. The shorter ones would be placed around the edge of the vase while the taller stems were arranged in the middle. They were also displayed in a very simple vase/container like a ceramic jug. In many cases, these arrangements look like they were simply picked from the garden and placed in the vase as they were. There were plenty of colours and textures all together.

Classified according to their role

Over time, fashions, styles and trends changed. This impacted not only what people wore and how they decorated their homes, but also how flower arrangements were created. Fresh blooms were no longer simply tossed inside a vase with water. Now, florists trim each stem and carefully position it so that the bouquet is balanced and beautiful. Each flower has a role to play. There are focal flowers, which are the main attraction, mass flowers to give the arrangement body and filler flowers to fill in the gaps. Focal flowers are the largest of the lot and you will usually find them included in an uneven number like three or five stems. Mass flowers are smaller while filler flowers are the smallest of all, like baby’s breath.

Different containers and holders

Just as we have seen a change in the way flower arrangements are created, so too have we seen changes in the types of vases uses. Instead of simply popping the steps in a jug of sorts, they will be carefully displayed in a decorative vase. If the display is shorter and horizontal in design or to be displayed in a basket, floral foam and a tray will be needed.

Fantastic shapes

The shape of our modern flower arrangements have also changed over time. Rather than a simple vertical arrangement, we can now take our pick from oval, horizontal, linear and many other styles. It all depends on the types of flowers used, the foliage you choose and the vase shape of course. These stunning styles make it that much easier to get creative with fresh flowers.

Just as flower arrangements have evolved over time, you can expect them to continue doing so. Keep your eye on your favourite florist’s website to get a look at all the latest design and style trends.