Flower arrangement tips and creative ideas

If you have never created your own flower arrangement and you are looking for the best approach, you will be happy to know that there are just a few essential steps you should follow. These tips will help you create the perfect bouquet for every occasion.


You will need a few basic supplies including flowers of your choice, sharp scissors, floral tape and decorative ribbon or a vase. Green floral tape is best since it will blend in with the colour of the stems which means that it won’t look unattractive.

Choosing flowers

When selecting fresh blooms for your flower arrangement, you should consider seasonal flowers. Seasonal produce is best because it is most affordable and you can rest assured that they will be of the highest quality. Different types of flowers are associated with different messages. So, make sure that you choose blooms that will send the right message. Red roses, for example, are the best romantic flowers while white blooms represent purity. Yellow roses are the symbol of friendship which makes them perfect for occasions like a friend’s birthday.

Flower preparation

A perfectly arranged bouquet depends greatly on preparation. As soon as you bring the stems home, place them in water to keep them hydrated. Next, you will need to remove excess leaves from each stem and trim the stems at an angle based on the height of the vase. It’s best to trim the stems as you go so that you can position them appropriately.

Creating your bouquet

Once your stems are ready, it’s time to begin creating your flower arrangement. You can choose between placing them in a vase or creating a handheld bouquet. Either way, you will need to select a focal point. This focal point will be defined by your focal flowers. Focal flowers are usually the largest and most prominent in the bunch. Place these blooms in the centre of the bouquet and proceed to arrange mass flowers around them. For instance, if you choose lilies as your focal flowers, you can set a cluster of three blooms in the middle. Add mass flowers like asters, roses and carnations around the lilies. Finish off with some filler flowers, which are the smallest of all and add some greenery.

Inspect your bouquet

You will find it handy to keep a mirror nearby when creating a flower arrangement. This way, you can see your bouquet from all angles. Make sure that your focal point is also the tallest point in the bouquet and the arrangement gradually tapers down toward the edges.

Secure the stems

If you are arranging your blooms in a vase, you do not need to secure the stems. If your flower arrangement is a handheld bouquet, you can use floral tape to bind the stems together. Finally, trim all of the stems to the same length and tie a decorative ribbon around them.

Remember, whether you are creating a vase or handheld flower arrangement, you should always keep it in water. If you keep blooms out of water for too long, they will become dehydrated and wilt. This will shorten the life of the bouquet which, of course, is not ideal.