Florist hacks you can use too

For those who arrange flowers for a living or simply enjoy floral crafts in their spare time, it’s always good to learn as many hacks, tips, and tricks as possible. Professionals and new florists both enjoy experimenting with new tricks to make their arrangements look better while also making the process of arranging flowers that much easier.

When putting flower arrangements together, you will need to choose flowers as well as the right vase or floral foam. If you want to use floral foam, it will need to be secured to a plastic tray using a special type of glue. When using a fresh tube, it’s easy to do so without any mess or fuss. However, once you close the tube and reuse it several times, it can easily result in the lid becoming stuck. To prevent this from happening, you can apply some leaf shine to the lid and you will be able to open the tube with ease next time.

Glue has a way of getting on surfaces that it shouldn’t. We often remember to protect our work surfaces but we neglect ourselves. So, before you work with any type of glue, take some time to apply hand lotion. If you get glue on your hands, it will be that much easier to wash off. If you wash your hands in between working with glue, you should apply more lotion to prevent sticking.

Vaseline and baby oil are great for protecting your nails from paint taking hold. Paint has a way of sneaking in under your nails but you can prevent this by using one of these products to block them. Once you are done working with paint, you can then wash your hands and the paint will come right off. Alternatively, if you like, you can always wear latex gloves and simply discard them.

Pollen is another common problem when working with flowers. Heavy pollen will fall from the flowers and can stain surfaces as well as your clothing. Lighter pollen floats into the air. If you want to remove pollen, need to do so with care. Work gently with pipe cleaners to pick up the pollen from various surfaces. They are great for lifting pollen without leaving a stain. Provided, of course, that you do not press too hard.

Candles are often paired with flowers when they are used as centrepieces. Candles are usually placed in the middle of the arrangement and they are normally higher up than the flowers so that they don’t damage the bouquet or pose a fire risk. One thing that you might not be able to avoid, however, is the mess that candles can make. Removing wax is that much easier when you heat the dripped wax up with a hairdryer before removing it. If you need to remove wax from glass, you should always be extra careful.

When delivering fresh flowers, you want to make sure that they don’t fall over in your car. Use sandbags to weigh them down and prevent them from falling over. You should also keep old rags or towels in the car just in case some vase water spills. Keep water levels in the vases low so that the risk of spilled water is kept to a minimum.