Floral essences and how to use them

You may already know that flower essences have a wide variety of benefits depending on which one you choose. Many of them actually offer multiple benefits beyond a sense of relaxation through aromatherapy. When you receive a delivery of fresh flowers, your first reaction is often to put your nose to the arrangement, take a deep breath and enjoy that sweet scent. Within seconds you will feel the relaxing effects of these delicious scents. Think about the last time you visited a florist or a flower shop to send flowers to someone special. Surely, as soon as you entered the shop, you found all the types of pleasant smells that immediately filled you with a feeling of happiness. Of course, you can also benefit from these scents by administering floral essences correctly. Here are some methods to choose from:


Direct use

– You can use flower essences directly from the bottle

– You can put 4 drops under your tongue or add to water

– Use four times a day.


Mix in a bottle

– Use a 30ml dropper bottle and fill to the 1/8th or ΒΌ mark with brandy. Brandy acts as a preservative so you can use these floral essences over an extended period of time.

– Add fresh water to the bottle until it is almost full

– Add between 2 and 4 drops of each floral essence

– Shake well to mix everything

– Put four drops under the tongue or in a little water

– Use four times a day (when used this way, your 30ml bottle will last between 3 and 4 weeks)

– If you find the mixture too strong, you can combine the four drops with half a glass of water. Always stir the mixture before drinking.

– Make sure you clean the bottle well or use a new bottle every time you make a new batch


Use a spray bottle or spray bottle

– Use the same instructions as above to prepare. Just increase the quantities.

– To use, spray around and around the body.

– Shake very well each time before use


Use in bathrooms

– Let the bath water run and add about 20 drops to the tub

– Mix the floral essences thoroughly for about a minute.

– Immerse in water and soak for at least 20 minutes to enjoy the full effect.

– When you go out, dry your skin gently. Don’t scrub your skin with the towel and go straight to bed where you can further enjoy and absorb the beneficial qualities of the essences.


External use

– Mix 6 – 10 drops of your floral essences with 30 grams of lotion, oil or cream

– You can use it daily as a topical treatment or together with oral use

– You can also use these solutions directly on your skin or have someone use them during a relaxing massage.


As you can see, there are various uses for floral essences and one or more of these methods will surely suit your preferences. Just as a florist can help you select the best flowers, there are experts in homeopathy and aromatherapy who offer the best advice on finding the perfect essences for your needs.