Floral décor for a classy wedding set in a tent

When it comes to planning such an important event as your wedding, it’s quite common to have certain expectations and wishes. You want all your loved ones to be there and you might even want to have a large event. However, your plans might not completely fit in with your budget or you may live in an area where reception locations are few and far between. Whatever the case may be, never underestimate the elegance of a tent wedding reception.

Tents are often thought of as a camping necessity but they can also provide the perfect spot to host an event. For those couples who wish to host a large wedding with plenty of guests, you might want to consider placing a tent inside a stadium or sports arena. The middle section of the arena will provide more than enough space while the stands and arena seating will also shelter the tent from wind.

Now, before you start picturing an army style tent, just remember that tents come in various shapes, sizes, and colours! All they need is a solid frame and a quality tarp. White tents are very popular for events like weddings and, because they are white, they can be decorated any way you please!

Not only will colourful flowers look amazing against the white background but you can also use soft coloured lights to add colour along the walls and to the corners. Don’t forget about the ceiling and that it too is white like the tent walls. This means that you can get really creative by draping fabric and you can set lights on your tables that shine up. There are many LED lights on the market these days that reflect images like hearts so why not make your wedding tent that much more romantic with hearts lining the ceiling?

As for the flowers, it’s good to use lots of colour. Remember, your guests might arrive while it’s still light outside but the sun will set and this is when you will be really happy you chose bright blooms! When choosing your wedding flower arrangements, you might want to explain the location to your florist. They have the most experience in this department and will be able to offer personal advice. Remember to decorate each of your tables with flowers and feel free to place real candles or LED candles for a romantic source of lighting. Taller flower arrangements can be used to fill up empty corners. If the tent is white, you probably want to avoid white flowers but you can use white table cloths and seat covers if you like. Remember, the more you use the colour white to cover the various surfaces, the more your colourful décor will stand out!