Floral centrepiece design for New Year’s Eve

One of the most important aspects to consider when planning your New Year’s Eve d├ęcor is the floral centrepiece that you want for your dinning room table. While you might think that you will have to order a ready-made arrangement, there are some amazing DIY designs out there. Here are some easy steps to follow when creating an impressive display.

What you need:

  • Three odd wine/champagne glasses
  • Fresh blooms
  • Transparent vase fillers (such as plastic or glass gems or pebbles)
  • Waterproof LED lights
  • Pretty accessories to hide the bases of the glasses
  • Glitter spray


  • Before you begin creating your floral centrepiece, you will need to prepare your glasses by washing them thoroughly.
  • Add water to each of your glasses but make sure that they are not too full.
  • Place a waterproof light in each glass.
  • Cover the lights with your transparent vase filler.
  • Add flowers of your choice to your glasses. The bigger the flower, the fewer stems you will need. For example, you only need one hydrangea stem for each glass but you might need three to five carnation stems.
  • You don’t need to choose one type of flower for all three glasses. You can select a different type of bloom for each. Just make sure that you stick to a single colour.
  • Cluster the three glasses together and spray lightly with some glitter to add some sparkle.
  • Place your arrangements on your table and conceal the bases with some pretty beads, gem stones or something along these lines.

Not only is this floral centrepiece easy to make, but it is also really affordable. You can get really creative with this idea and you can stick to your budget by choosing flowers that suit your budget. You can order your blooms a day before and you can arrange them in the morning so that they are fresh and fabulous when your guests arrive.