Congratulations flowers that share the joy

While we each experience our own successes and reach various milestones over the years, so too do our friends and loved ones. It is such a lovely gesture when somebody you care about spoils you with a gift like congratulations flowers. It’s like they are celebrating your triumph along with you. If you are not sure what kinds of blooms to send, here are some ideas depending on the specific occasion.

Financial success

Many people measure success with money. So, if somebody you care about has just received a fantastic return on their investment or won the lottery, you can show them how happy you are for them by sending them congratulations flowers such as tiger lilies.

Overcoming a challenge

If your friend or loved one has recently overcome a challenge, you should include nasturtium in their bouquet of congratulations flowers. This is because they represent victory in battle and they are perfect for succeeding in some kind of test or beating something as terrifying as cancer.

Anticipation of success

Forsynthia is associated with anticipation which is why they are excellent to include in a bouquet when you want to congratulate and wish somebody well. They make excellent congratulations flowers for new graduates.

Modest praise for charity work

Since so many of us are always so busy, it can be tough to make the time for charity work. Which is why it is important to honour and celebrate those who are doing great things for your community, school, church and so on. Send flowers like peach roses, blue bells and daisies to congratulate them on their latest charity project success.

A touch of envy

Sometimes when somebody we know enjoys success, we feel just a little bit jealous. This does not mean that we wish them harm in any way. However, if you want to express that touch of envy, you could send a bouquet that includes yellow roses, marigolds or yellow hyacinth.

Each flower has its own very special meaning. Not only does the type of flower impact the meaning, but the colour too. Red roses, for example, are associated with love and passion while yellow roses are known to represent friendship. If you are still not sure about the best blooms to send, take look around online for congratulations flowers and your online florist will surely have a wonderful selection.