Favourite pink flowers

When it comes to fresh flowers, pink is undoubtedly one of the top colours. Not only do many flower recipients love pink blooms, but there are also so many from which to choose. From bright shades to pastels and everything in between, various types of flowers give us plenty of floral variety.

Firstly, there’s no denying the beauty of the rose. Pink roses are abundant and there are several shades available. Your florist will most likely have at least three or four shades of pink roses on hand at any given time. If not, they can be ordered at the drop of a hat. Roses are loved for their elegance, the fact that they last long, and of course they are associated with love and affection.

Lilies are also available in a wide variety of colours. If, however, you are looking for pink lilies, you will need to a bit more specific. Not all lilies are available in pink but, those that are, certainly steal the show! Amarosi lilies are a hot favourite due to their superb colour and beauty. They can be displayed on their own or along with other flowers.

Gerbera daisies are large and available in several colours including a few shades of pink. From darker shades to those significantly on the pale side, these flowers can be displayed as bud arrangements or as larger bunches. If you are looking for a pink bouquet and you want to use a single type of flower but you need several shades, gerberas are for you!

Apart from these exceptional beauties, you will also find other pink flowers such as carnations, alstroemeria, and dianthus, to name a few. Remember, different flowers are in season during different times of the year which means that some pink flowers are not always available. Ask your florist about their seasonal flowers and which ones are available in pink, if you are not sure.