Festive flowers to add to your tree

When you consider the kinds of traditional decorations that you can add to your Christmas tree, you might imagine things like bells, bows and colourful globes. Of course, you can also use flowers to decorate your tree and make it both elegant and festive. Here are some ideas.


One of the most popular of all festive flowers is the poinsettia. While they are available in other colours like white, the red variety is the most popular. You can place one or more of these plants around the base of your Christmas tree. Alternatively, you can add poinsettia stems to your tree. Attach water tubes to the stems to keep them hydrated if you choose to use fresh poinsettias. You could also use artificial poinsettias if you want to be able to add them to your tree year after year. As for potted plants, they do not last beyond one season under normal circumstances so you will most likely need to buy new plants each festive season.

Holly and mistletoe

When we think of festive flowers and plants, holly and mistletoe are both popular when it comes to holiday decorations. Again, just like poinsettias, you could choose fresh or artificial varieties depending on your personal preferences. That said, mistletoe and holly are known for having toxic properties if ingested. Therefore, you might want to opt for the artificial variety if you have small children or pets.

Of course, festive flowers are not just about pretty blooms or berries. Foliage also plays a very important role. If your Christmas tree is not quite as full and lush as you would like, just remember that you can always trim some branches off the lower part of the tree to add to any empty spots. In some cases, the nursery from which you purchase your tree may also have some extra branches that they wouldn’t mind you having along with your tree.