Essential tips for repotting plants

All plants will eventually outgrow their pots. When the time comes for repotting plants, it is important to do so with care and patience. The roots and stems of most plants are quite delicate. Bending and breaking them can cause the plant to perish.

Prepare the new pot

Before you begin repotting plants, you will need new pots. Your new pots should be slightly larger than the existing pots. Perhaps two to three sizes larger at the most – depending on the type of plant. Plants like orchids prefer a snug ‘home’ so you don’t want a pot that’s too large. The new pots should also have drainage holes.

Add drainage

Before adding any soil, you should ensure that there is proper drainage. Repotting plants into a pot with soil alone can result in soggy and rotting roots. Place a layer of large stones in the bottom of the pot to encourage excess water to flow out of the pot.

Add soil

Before repotting plants, you will need to add a layer of fresh potting soil. Remember, soil will become compounded as you water regularly. So, make sure that you fill the pot up to the halfway mark before you continue.


Remove the plant from the existing pot with care. It helps to turn the pot onto its side or even upside down as you gently press the sides of the pot to help loosen the soil from the side of the pot. If the plant is already in a ceramic pot, you will need to loosen the soil around the edges of the pot carefully with a long, flat object.

Add more soil

One of the final steps when it comes to repotting plants is adding the final layer of potting soil. Add the soil all around the plant and press it down gently to secure the plant in place. You can ‘overfill’ the pot because, as previously mentioned, the soil will become compounded when you water the plant.


Now that your plant is in its new home, the final step is to water it. Your fresh potting soil will be dry so it is important for you to water right away. Water the plant evenly to ensure moisture reaches all of the roots.

With the help of these tips, repotting plants will be so much easier and quicker too. By being prepared before you begin, this will make the process that much easier too.