The effect of that sweet rose perfume

Have you ever received a surprise fresh flower delivery?  You’re at home or work and going about your usual business when you hear somebody at the door.  You are not expecting anyone so it really is a surprise when a bouquet of beautiful of fragrant roses is presented to you.  After signing for the order and closing the door, the first thing that you will notice is the sweet smell.  It will grab your attention and fill your senses before you even have the chance to open up the card and find out who is thinking of you.


What you might not realize is just what an effect this amazing smell has on your emotions and how it manages to make you smile inside and out.  Well, simply put, when you smell something pleasant like a bunch of roses, the signals are sent to your brain which then interprets these signals and releases positive signals in return.  You will feel happier, more positive and more relaxed just by enjoying the smell of these flowers.


When choosing flowers to send, you should always look for those that are as sweet smelling as they are beautiful.  It’s not just about the appearance but also the way in which they make the recipient feel.  Smell is the most powerful of all the senses and has a special connection with the brain.


If you know that the recipient suffers from allergies, don’t lose hope just yet!  Roses don’t contain all that much pollen (unlike most lilies) so most people will find that their allergies are not affected.  If the recipient has extremely sensitive allergies then you might want to avoid sending fresh roses.  Instead, you can send some rose petals and toss them up in some rose scented oils.  Present this gift in a clay pot and the recipient can still enjoy the smell of a fresh bouquet without all the sneezing and watery eyes!


Floral scents, particularly roses, help people deal with stress.  So, if you know somebody who is struggling to keep their head above water due to work, personal or other forms of stress, you can help them unwind by presenting them with some fresh flowers.  Take it one step further and let them take a load off by soaking in the tub with a glass of wine or beverage of their choice and be sure to turn the lights down and use candles instead.  Fill the bathroom with rose scents in the form of essential oils  and, if you’re up for it, offer them a massage once they’re done in the tub.