Easy flower arranging tips everyone should know

For the most part, arranging flowers means ordering a bouquet from your local florist and then transferring the bunch to a suitable vase. Of course, if your flowers come with a vase, then all you need to do is enjoy your fresh flower delivery! If you are planning on ordering various loose stems, on the other hand, these flower arranging tips will come in very handy.

When you want to make a large and extravagant arrangement, you shouldn’t be afraid of indulging in large flowers like hydrangeas. Fill you vase generously and let the flowers overflow. Not all of your flowers need to be upright. Some can flow over the edge of the vase to create a more natural effect.

Texture plays an important role in creating the perfect flower arrangement. Contrasting textures, colours, and patterns ensure that your bouquet has something new to offer the eyes every time you look at it. This is why it’s always good to use more than one type of foliage. Even if you stick to a single type of flower, you can add variety by using three different types of greenery.

Sometimes flower arrangements look better when the stems have a significant amount of space in between. This allows each flower to harness a piece of the spotlight and your bouquet also won’t look overcrowded. If you place your arrangement in a trumpet-shaped vase, you can ensure that this affect is achieved. The lower part of the stems will rest close to one another but they will spread out from the rim of the vase and beyond.

If you want to make sure that all of your stems stay put, you can make a grid over the top of the vase with some clear tape. As you place each stem in one of the open squares, it will stay in place. This is handy because it leaves your hands free to trim stems and arrange each flower and piece of foliage just right. It also helps create a perfectly uniformed design with everything spaced evenly apart.

If you are planning on using a low container but you don’t want to use floral foam, you can opt for a floral frog instead. They come in various sizes, shapes, and colours. This makes it that much easier to find one to fit your container.

When displaying dainty flowers, like alstroemeria, you will create a far more impressive display if you remove all of the leaves from the stems and arrange the flowers in a neat cluster. You will need quite a few stems in order to achieve the right effect. You will also need a vase that is just large enough to hold all of your flowers without squashing them against one another.

With all of these handy hints, making your own fresh flower arrangements is easier than ever before. The best part of all is that it doesn’t take much to achieve a professional-looking result.