Dye flowers any colour you like with these steps

While nature has given us a wide selection of flowers in so many different colours, not all blooms are available in all the colours we would like. Not to worry because there are a number of ways in which you can dye flowers to suit any need or preference. Here are some colouring and dying options for you to consider.

Food colouring

One of the easiest ways to dye flowers is by using food colouring. You will need to use pure white flowers to begin. They should be in partial bud state since this will ensure that they open but they do not perish too soon. You should trim the stems at an angle and, depending on the type of flower, you can help absorption along by splitting the stems. This works for woody stems like roses. Add the food colouring to the vase water and allow your blooms to soak up the colour. This usually takes about two or three days. Once they have soaked up the colour, you can move your blooms to a vase with fresh, clean water.

Spray paint

Spray paint is a great way to dye flowers in just a few minutes. If you don’t have the time to wait a few days for the colour to take effect, you can always purchase flower-safe spray paint. Yes, there is a difference between this type of paint and regular spray paint since it will not damage the flowers or cause them to wilt prematurely. You should paint the flowers one at a time and make sure you do so outdoors. Protect your work surface with newspaper or anything you are prepared to throw away once you are done. Spray one side of the flower and make sure that it is properly coated before you turn the stem and spray the other side. Spray from a distance rather than too close since this will offer better coverage. Your flower will take about 30 minutes to dry so make sure that you have a few vases set up. You don’t want your flowers to touch one another while drying and you don’t want them to dehydrate either. Once dry, inspect your flowers for any spots that didn’t get covered. Once completely painted and dried, you can add your blooms to the bouquet. Remember, this is also the best method if you want to paint flowers in colours like gold or silver.

These two methods are the most popular. If you want to add detail as well as dye flowers, you can always add some decorative glitter or use special pens to add designs to a few of the petals on each bloom. This requires precision and patience so make sure that you have enough time to complete these steps before you begin.