Don’t toss that wilting bouquet just yet!

Like most of nature’s beautiful gifts, fresh flowers won’t last forever. Once the blooms have reached their prime, they will start to deteriorate. Some flowers perish sooner than others but they can all be put to great use even once they’re spent.

Potpourri is a popular use for dried flowers. The dried petals can be mixed with bark chips, dried fruits, and spices like cinnamon sticks to provide as great a visual as a sweet-smelling attraction in your home. A number of different flowers can be used to make potpourri but roses are definitely a favourite. Larger, thicker petals take longer to dry out but the tend to hold up better over time. Add your choice of essential oils to give your potpourri mixture and even more potent effect.

Flowers can also be pressed in order to preserve them. Like potpourri, not all flowers are suitable for pressing. The best pressed flowers are those that have a flat appearance much like daisies. Thicker flowers like roses and carnations don’t tend to do well when pressed since their petals are layered on top of one another. When pressing your flowers, make sure that you apply enough weight and check on them every few days until they are ready to be used. If you don’t want to use them right away, they can be stored in airtight containers and in a dark place until they are needed. You should also remember to press your flowers just before they start to wilt. This way they will preserve their shape and colour that much better.

Flowers, like many other plants, can be used for their nutritional benefits. One of the most popular flower water hydrosols is rose water. It’s known to soothe, revitalize, and hydrate the skin. It’s even great for your hair! So, once that bunch of roses has passed its prime, you can put that rose water recipe to good use! Remember, rose water is just one option and there are many other recipes out there just waiting for you to try!

Finally, if there’s nothing more that you can do but toss your flowers, give them just one more chance to prove useful and add them to your compost heap. Having your own compost heap is great for the environment and your garden will thank you! Even if you do end up using the flower petals for something else, the stems can always be added to the heap anyway.