Where to display potted plants

Potted plants can greatly enrich your living environment. Of course, it’s important to display your plants in the right areas of your home in order to maximize the gorgeous effect. Apart from benefiting personally, you will also help make your guests feel welcome.

Firstly, you can choose some hardy plants to place outside in front of your house. This makes your entrance even more inviting. You can use flowering plants or even plants that don’t produce any flowers. The only thing you will need to remember is that you will need to protect your plants during the winter season. This might involve providing some kind of insulation or even moving them indoors over the colder months.

During the warmer months, when you’re not planning on lighting any fires, you can decorate the space on and around your fireplace with potted plants and flowers. This spot is perfect for plants that don’t require much sunlight and they will certainly help improve the d├ęcor.

If you have minimal space in your home, you can still enjoy plants without causing any clutter. Put your walls to good use by using hanging planters and attach them to walls where you want to brighten things up. Again, you can use flowering or non-flowering plants.

Your windowsills should be reserved for plants that enjoy plenty of light. You should also be careful about too much light exposure or even keeping your plants too close to the cold window during winter. Succulents usually do really well in windows both during the summer and the winter. Plus, they won’t require too much care.

Your bathroom can also benefit from some floral beauty. If you cannot display flowers on the windowsill, consider placing a pot on the sink. Orchids love humid environments which makes the bathroom perfect for these exotic beauties.

No matter the room or the amount of space you have available, there are many ways of adding plants to your home.