Different types of lilies

When shopping around for flowers online, you may notice a number of types of lilies. They are one of the most popular types of flowers and there are a number of beautiful varieties available today. That said, it’s important to understand that some lilies may not look like your conventional lilies and there are some flowers that have the lily name but they are not true lilies.

White lilies are associated with virginity and modesty. Orange ones are associated with passion while yellow lilies are a symbol of gaiety. The Easter Lily is the symbol of the Virgin Mary and the Lily of the vally represents purity of heart.

Some lily species include he Japanese golden rayed lily, the Orange lily, the Canada Lily, the Madonna lily, and the Tiger lily. Each of which used for decorative or even culinary purposes. If you are planning on growing lilies, you will need to plant them during the autumn or spring. They can be grown in containers or in your garden. Lilies usually enjoy sun in the morning and shady afternoons and they should be spaced apart to allow the plant to grow.

Remember that lilies are particularly thirsty plants so, when you pick these flowers or when you receive a lily bouquet, you need to put them straight in fresh water. Some lilies, like calla lilies, have a very different appearance because they consist of a single bract instead of a collection of petals.

There is also the increasingly popular Roselily which is actually a hybrid flower. By combining these two plant types, we now have a beautiful and fragrant flower that will not upset the allergeties! These flowers have been specifically cultivated so that they don’t have pollen to bring on the watery eyes and sneazing! So, if you love lilies but you don’t love the effect they have on your allergies, then Roselilies are the way to go!