Unique flowers for a romantic evening

Now is the time to start planning date night for Valentine’s Day. While red roses are the number one choice for this occasion, there are a number of people who are moving away from this traditional trend. If you are looking for unique flowers that will set the mood, here are a few ideas.

Different flowers

Instead of red roses, how about white lilies for a romantic dinner? Oriental lilies are particularly elegant and they will send a message of purity. For couples who share pure love, these blooms are the perfect declaration of your affection. Germinis and gerbera daisies can also send a powerful message since they are impressive in size and they add plenty of texture to the bouquet. If you are looking for something exotic and truly unique flowers for Valentine’s Day, you could even shop around for orchids.

Various colours

Your choice in colour will also play a huge role in setting the tone for the evening. Red is the colour of passion and deep affection. This is why red blooms are the top choice. However, when it comes to unique flowers for Valentine’s Day, you might prefer other colours like pink, purple or even yellow. If your wife or partner is your best friend, yellow roses are a lovely representation of your feelings. Pink flowers express affection and they are excellent for new relationships too.

Mixed bouquets

If you are still not sure about the right blooms and colours, you can always rest assured that a mixed bouquet will contain the best and most unique flowers for Valentine’s Day! These bouquets may consist of several flowers in the same colour. Alternatively it could include different flowers in various colours. Either way, this is always a winning bouquet for all occasions – including romantic evenings!

The best part about choosing these unique flowers for a romantic occasion is the fact that you will surprise your partner or spouse and you can save quite a bit of money on fresh flowers too! Mixed bouquets or non-conventional romantic arrangements are often cheaper than the hot favourites around this time of year.