Different kinds of roses

While some might think that roses are pretty much all the same, others know that there are several types of roses. The differences between the varieties are sometimes small but, in many cases, it’s easy to tell them apart.

Old Garden Roses

These roses have been growing in Asia and Europe for centuries. This is a larger group that consists of several subgroups including centifolia (with the appearance of 100 petals), gallica (popular in Renaissance paintings), and damask roses. Many of them only bloom once during the spring season. China roses, which are also one of the subgroups, bloom several times throughout the summer until the temperatures drop in autumn. China roses are considered to be the ‘parents’ of the modern garden roses we love today.

Modern Roses

There are few things more rewarding than having your flowers bloom repeatedly. This is why so much effort has gone into creating roses that do just that. The hybrid tea rose is an excellent example of this. During the 20th century, a hybrid tea rose known as ‘Peace’ was very popular. It was developed in France during the 1930s and it was officially introduced to the United States just after World War II which is why it was named ‘Peace’.

Cultivators have pursued two main directions in terms of the rose’s appearance and shape. While some look for a simple, five-petal shape, others prefer the more abundant or fuller shaped bloom much like the centifolias. The ‘Sally Holmes’ rose is a good example of the five-petal shape while examples of the centifolia-inspired roses include ‘Golden Celebration’ and ‘Gertrude Jekyll’.


The careful selection of properties and qualities does not stop here. We have also come to know and love some amazing hybrids. The Rose-Lily hybrid is a truly spectacular flower with an amazing scent. They are often displayed all on their own but can also be added to mixed bouquets. Provided, of course, that these blooms are the focal flowers in the arrangement.

Available in many colours, a rose is no longer just a rose. There are so many different types of roses from which to choose and each colour also has its own meaning. Send roses to express your love, affection or even your friendship!