Decorating tips for your outdoor party

Summer at the moment is a wash out but we all have to remain hopeful we’re going to get a good 2-3 weeks of hot sunny weather. If this weather does ever improve how are you going to enjoy it? If you’re thinking of having a summer party then look no further than here for tips on decoration.

A summer party is a great occasion to gather your friends and family at your home to have a good time. The secret to a stunning decoration is to bring your indoor furniture outdoors and to have fun decorating them.

  1. Seating Plan: Before the party you need to decide if your guests are going to dine at the table, eat while standing or lounge back and relax in deck chairs. If you are entertaining a large crowd then use small seating areas. Use colourful indoor rugs to create a touch of elegance.
  1. Flowing Curtains: To create a perfect outdoor room, hang white sheers or heavier, brightly coloured, sun-safe canvas curtains from patio covers, overhangs or even heavy tree branches. Flowing fabric is the definition of space and elegance.
  1. Pretend: When outdoor spaces are treated just the same as your indoor spaces then they come alive. Add a few cushions and pillows to your outdoor space to make it more inviting and elegant. When shopping don’t think what will look good outside, think what will look good inside and you will get it just right.
  1. Floral Focus: Create eye catching focal points in your outdoor space to impress your guests. Grouping together empty wine bottles full of colourful blooms is a clever move. Be sure to take into account the colours of the flowers that grow in your garden so that the colours will not clash.

Follow these simple tips and your guests will be talking about your beautiful summer party until the next one.