Decorating your reception area with flowers

So many companies these days have reception and waiting areas for customers.  These areas are designed especially for the clients.  Each company’s waiting area or room will differ.  They should have chairs and a few small tables as perhaps even a water dispenser too.  On the table you should find brochures, company information and probably some magazines too.  To make the area feel more welcoming to clients, companies will usually have plants or flowers on display.  In the case of flowers, some prefer to use artificial flowers while others have a standing order with their local florist to send flowers every couple of weeks.

When choosing flowers to put on display in your reception area, there are many factors that you will need to consider.  The most important thing to take into account is how much money you have available on a monthly basis that you will be able to allocated for flowers each month.  If the amount is really low then you may want to consider purchasing three or four artificial flower bouquets and placing each one on display for between two and four months before changing it out for the next one.  Of course, this will mean that every now and then you will need to clean them and rid them of any dust.

If you have an acceptable amount available each month for flowers, then you should first shop around and see what your local and online florists have to offer.  They might even be able to give you discounts in due time once you have ordered from them a couple of times or they may even let you open a kind of monthly account with them.

Now, if you are looking for fresh flowers, you need to consider the type of conditions in which you will be placing them.  Make sure that there is a location in the reception area that is suitable for the displaying of fresh cut flowers.  If you don’t know what makes an area suitable, it’s simple.  Firstly, there should be no direct sunlight shining in that area at any time of the day.  Secondly, the flowers should be a fair distance away from any heaters and air conditioners.  Thirdly, keep cut flowers out of draughty places.  The wind will only cause damage.

Finally, you need to choose the kinds of flowers you like.  Avoid flowers with too much pollen.  Not only can they trigger allergies in your staff and customers but they are also known to make quite a mess.  With certain flowers, such as stargazer lilies for example, it is actually possible to remove the pollen so be sure to ask your florist about this option too.  Also, if you want real value for money, do a little research to find out what kind of flowers in your area are known to last the longest.  Orchids are a pricey option but they are known to outlast other flowers and carnations are in second place when it comes to this title.  Flowers like tulips, however, tend to perish a lot sooner than most others.