Flower design ideas with old buttons

Flowers are wonderful for decorating any area of any home or even your workplace. Of course, they do not always need to be fresh blooms. You can create your very own flower design using odd buttons. Here are some easy steps to follow when making your own button flowers.

Fun and useful

You will usually receive extra buttons whenever you buy a new shirt or jacket. In addition, if you have a really old piece of clothing that cannot be worn or donated, you could always remove the buttons before discarding it. In time, you should have an impressive collection. In addition, you can also find some wonderful buttons in all colours and sizes at your local craft shop.

Spread out all your buttons

Once you have your buttons ready, you simply need to spread them out so that you can begin planning your flower design. You might like to create groups of the same buttons so that it will easier for you to pick them out at a glance.

Make your selection

Once all of your buttons are organised, you can select six buttons of the same size to begin your flower design. These will be your petals and one of them will be placed in the middle. You can use more than one colour button if you don’t have six all the same. In fact, the middle button can be completely different so that it really stands out. You could even have all of the buttons a different colour if you only have odds and ends in your button box. As long as they are the same size, you are all set.

Create your design

Now for the fun part – glueing your flower design together. You should use a strong adhesive like superglue. Of course, you want to take it slow and be extra careful. Add some glue to the one side of the first petal and stick it to the centre button. Wait for it to dry before adding the next petal. You can add some glue to the part that will stick to the centre as well as the petal already stuck in place. Again, wait for the glue to dry before you proceed.

Once your flower design is ready, you can choose to add a wire stem or a magnet to the back of the design. You can create a few of them to place in a vase or you can decorate your fridge if you prefer. You can let your children help you with the designs but make sure that you take care of the glueing part so that there are no accidents.