Decorating with dahlias

Dahlias are known for their elegant appearance and wide variety of colours. From soft pastels to bright and striking shades, you can find just about any colour you like! They add volume and texture which makes them suitable for a wide variety of decorative uses.

Dahlias can be displayed all on their own. You can gather a bunch of them in the same colour, pop them in a vase and enjoy! It’s as simple as that! Of course, if you want to mix it up a little, you can choose several colours for your dahlia bouquet and this will often prove even more eye catching.

If your once fuller bunch of dahlias has started to perish and you only have a few good flowers left, they might look quite odd in a large vase. Remove them from the vase, trim their stems, and place them in smaller vases. Separate them and place one flower in each vase. Display the vases together to create that full bouquet appearance or scatter them around your home if you prefer.

Dahlias can also be displayed in larger bouquets along with other flowers. They can be added as mass flowers or they can be the main attraction. The best way of ensuring their role in the flower arrangement is by choosing the right colour. If the general colour scheme of the arrangement is light or you use pastels, you can use light or pastel coloured dahlias to ensure that they blend in a bit more. If you want them to steal the show, use brighter colours and this affect will most certainly be achieved!

When arranging dahlias of a single colour together in a vase, remember that you don’t necessarily need greenery. If you do use foliage, it should be done in such a way that the flower petals are not obstructed. Choose the right shade of green and, since the flowers are quite textured, you should look for more of a flat leaf than a textured one. Darker green foliage can really help these flowers stand out as well.

Don’t forget about handheld bouquets! While this is not the kind of flower you would wear as a boutonnière or corsage due to its size, it does make for a great bridal bouquet. Again, they can be arranged all on their own in a handheld bouquet or they can be grouped with other flowers and even some foliage for good measure.