Superb celebrity bridal bouquets

If anyone knows how to rock a wedding gown and dazzle everyone with the most beautiful bridal bouquet, it’s the celebs! Not only are their flowers arranged to perfection, but the size of the bouquet and the types of flowers used are also impeccable. So, if your big day is coming up and you’re looking for inspiration, just take a few hints from the stars!

Kate Moss carried a modest bridal bouquet that consisted of a light pink garden rose surrounded by white roses and baby’s breath. The pink rose was the only colourful flower in the bouquet and it was also the largest which clearly helped it stand out as the focal point of this arrangement.

Carrie Underwood’s bridal bouquet was the picture of femininity and beauty. She created a uniform appearance with regards to the texture but combined a few colours. Her peony bouquet consisted mostly of white flowers and a few hints of yellow and pink.

Chelsea Clinton kept it simple with a bunch of gardenias. The stems were tightly packed with a white ribbon wrapped around the stems to make it both elegant and comfortable to hold. This was the perfect choice to compliment her fairytale dress.

When you think of celebrity weddings, you can’t help but think back to that of Princess Diana. Since her dress was so elaborate and the train was something that still makes people gasp, her bouquet also needed to be large and elaborate. The widest point was located at the top of the bouquet with the flower and leaves tapering down to a point. The bouquet consisted of stunning orchids and a sprig of myrtle which was picked from a bush planted by none other than Queen Victoria – as part of royal tradition.

Jessica Biel decided to shake things up a bit by choosing a pink wedding gown rather than a white or off-white one. Her bridal bouquet consisted of white ranuculus, camomile flowers, and foliage. This bouquet was the perfect accessory to compliment and offset the colour of her wedding dress.

Ivanka Trump chose something a bit more classical in terms of wedding flowers. Her bouquet consisted of white roses complimented by stephanotis. The bouquet offered variations in texture and it was absolutely perfectly arranged too!

When planning your wedding, if you have a specific design in mind, you should take a photo along to show your florist. This will ensure an accurate quote as well as the finished product you really want!