December wedding flowers that aren’t too festive

If you are planning a December wedding, you should keep in mind that there are certain decorations and colours that are associated with this time of year. So, before you make any decisions, be sure to keep the following tips in mind if you want to avoid confusing your wedding theme with a Christmas one.

Discuss with your fiancée

Firstly, you need to discuss your options with your fiancée in order to determine which types of flowers and colours are best for your December wedding. You should make a list of all the options you agree on so that you know where you can choose from moving forward.

The right colours

When making your choices, you need to make sure to avoid festive colours like the combination of red and white, red and green or red, white and green. Instead, your December wedding flowers could include solely white flowers with a touch of green and possibly some silver accessories for sparkle.

Design and style

Once you have selected the right colour scheme for your big day, you need to determine the perfect design. Your centrepieces will need to be short enough for your guests to see over them. You can even consider a tablescape if you have larger tables. This requires multiple smaller arrangements rather than a single larger bouquet on each one.

Your December wedding flowers do not need to be large or expensive. Since you are getting married during the holidays, you might be on a tighter budget than usual. So, to save money, you should ask your florist for their recommendations on how best to save money on wedding blooms.