Daffodils for March

As the temperatures start to rise and the days become longer, you might feel that much more inclined to welcome brighter colours into your home. Bright décor is excellent for boosting your mood and daffodils certainly are bright and beautiful! Not to mention the fact that they are the flower for the month of March.

About daffodils

These plants are available in yellow and white. Sometimes their blooms have hints of orange too. Apart from their lovely colour, these flowers are also favoured for their shape. The way the trumpet rests on top of size perfect petals make daffodils truly stunning. Daffodils bloom from the end of winter or beginning of spring. Usually, they bloom in groups and they enjoy plenty of moisture.

Daffodil meaning

Just like all flowers, daffodils have their own special meaning. If you send flowers to somebody special, it’s good to know that these flowers are associated with happiness and rebirth. In many cultures they also send a message of wealth or luck. Apart from being the flower for the month of March, they are also the floral representation of the 10th wedding anniversary.

Daffodil flower care

If you receive a bouquet of daffodils, you should make sure that you care for them properly if you want them to last. In order to do so you should keep the vase water clean by changing it every three days or sooner if you notice the water become cloudy. Add flower preserve to the water and trim the stems at an angle to help encourage better absorption. Keep your flowers out of the sun, away from sources of heat, cold, or draughts. If any of the flowers start to wilt or perish, remove them immediately to prevent them from causing the other flowers to perish prematurely. The sap from daffodils is harmful to other plants. Which is why daffodils are best arranged on their own and without any other blooms in the vase.