How To Make Cut Calla Lilies Last Longer

Calla lilies are known around the world for various reasons.  Their sweet smell and beautiful trumpet design make them unmistakable.  Depending on where you are from, these lilies have a number of different meanings.  Greek mythology leads many to associate the flower with magnificent beauty while in Roman history it was more a symbol of lust.  In other cultures and religions, these flowers are seen as a symbol of purity.  So, when you send flowers and you decide to include Calla Lilies, just make sure first what they will mean to the intended recipient!  No matter if your florist order of Callas is for you or somebody special, the goal is to always keep them looking great for as long as possible.  Here are some steps that you, or the lucky recipient, can take in order to get the most joy out of a bouquet of cut Calla Lilies:

Step 1:

Do NOT touch the flower itself.  As tempting as it is for some, the oils and substances on your hands will surely cause the flower to perish at a much quicker rate.  Rather hold it by its strong, thick stem and, if you are particularly worried that you might slip up and touch the flower, then slip on some kitchen or rubber gloves for safety sake.

Step 2:

Calla Lilies are a thirst bunch so get them into some fresh water immediately!  No need for floral preserve at this time, just pop them in a clean bucket of water and let them soak it up while you prepare their new home.

Red Calla Lilies

Step 3:

Preparing a suitable environment for cut Calla Lilies is simple.  Just clean your vase and make sure there are no traces of dust or any cleaning substances.  Then add a few inches of water and some floral preserve.  Your florist should include at least one package but if you like to order or send flowers on a regular basis, it would benefit you to keep some on hand at all times.  Allow the floral preserve to dissolve completely in the water.

Step 4:

By now your Callas have had some time to relax and drink up.  It is now time to trim the stems an inch or two.  Do so with a really sharp object such as a pair of scissors, sheers or knife.  The sharper the better so as to prevent any damage to the stem.  Trim the stems at an angle so that a larger surface area of absorption is created and so that they don’t lay flat on the bottom of the vase (this will obstruct absorption).  If possible, it would be best for you to trim the stems under water.  That way no air can enter the stems and form air bubbles.  Air bubbles slow down the rate at which the stem can absorb water.

Step 5:

Deliver or place your bouquet on display.  If delivering the flowers to a friend or loved one, advise them that it is best to keep the bouquet out of any direct sunlight, wind and away from air conditioners or any kind of artificial heating or cooling device.

Step 6:

Remember that the water needs to be topped up regularly and changed too.  Top it up as needed but change the water every few days to reduce the growth of bacteria.  When changing the water, check the stems of your Callas.  Bacteria can build up on the bottom of the stems and you should notice a slippery texture.  If this happens, trim about an inch off each stem and, again, remember to cut at an angle again.  When changing out all the water, don’t for get to add some more floral food too.