Crisp wine to refresh your palate in summer

During the warmer months of the year, a chilled glass of wine will go down well with most meals. The trick is choosing the right type of wine for this time of year. A crisp wine with a smooth finish is just what you need! If you have never really experimented with different types of wine, here are some ideas that are perfect for the months ahead.

Alcohol content

The first thing to remember is to look for a wine that has a lower alcohol content. Avoid wines with a heavy, complex or oak flavour. In other words, avoid Super Tuscans, Syrahs and Cabernet Sauvignons. Your perfect crisp wine will have a lower acidity and fruity flavours.

Light and crisp

Some of the best crisp wine you can serve during the summer include Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay. You can also opt for a bottle of rose or sparkling wine if you prefer. These are lighter than other types of wine and they have a sweeter flavour too.

Citrus flavours

As mentioned above, you should look for a crisp wine with a fruity flavour. Citrus flavours are particularly refreshing so why not try a glass of Moscato? This wine is made from the Muscat grape and you can pair it with various types of fresh fruit. Since you will be eating lighter meals during this time of the year, you should also enjoy lighter wine.#

When serving crisp wine in summer, make sure that it is properly chilled first. By chilling the wine, you will make it that much more refreshing and enjoyable on a hot day. If you want to leave the bottle at the table, make sure that you put it on ice. If you add ice cubes to your wine, be aware that it will water the drink down and the flavours will not be as intense.